Parking, bags, and early badge pick up

Dear, Comic-Con Attendees, Exhibitors, and Professionals,
This year Comic-Con is offering a few added options to help make your attendance at the biggest comic book show in the western hemisphere all that more enjoyable.

Comic-Con has additional hotels in the Mission Valley area. Please visit to check availability and shuttle access to these hotels.

The hotel reservation situation this year didn’t go as well as it should have, as a result many people who expected to be closer to the downtown area found themselves in hotels farther away. For this reason we have expanded our shuttle route to help accommodate those who are staying at Mission Valley and Shelter Island hotels. The expanded shuttle route will service hotels in the Mission Valley and Shelter Island areas and is made possible, in part, by a generous contribution from Travel Planners. To provide faster service, the shuttle route for Mission Valley will run from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from a location near the Omni Hotel (at the foot of L Street in downtown San Diego). Using this drop point during heavy daytime traffic periods will increase the frequency of the shuttles. After 8:00 pm this shuttle route will originate from the Convention Center front driveway.

To assist those who choose to drive to the event, Comic-Con has arranged with ACE and Five Star, two of the largest downtown parking companies, to offer advanced purchase of

Pre-Paid parking at many of downtown’s parking areas. As with all parking lots, in and out privileges do not apply. To take advantage of the advanced parking permit option, please visit

Purchase of Pre-Paid parking guarantees you a spot, though not a specific or particular space. Comic-Con does not receive any compensation from this program.

In addition to the expanded shuttle route, Comic-Con is expanding Bag Check services at the Convention Center.  The Bag Check station is located near Hall A and underneath the escalator in the lobby of  Hall E, on the ground floor level of the Convention Center. The charge is $2.00 per bag.

So feel free to check your bags before heading out to dinner or catching an evening program. Finally you won’t have to make a special trip back to your hotel or be stuck lugging your stuff around at night. Simply check your stuff and head out for an evening of fun. But remember, you need to return to the Bag Check before they close as items cannot be left overnight.

The Bag Check schedule for 2010 is:

Wednesday, July 21                                      2:00 pm—9:00 pm
Thur, July 22—Sat, July 24                       7:00 am—2:00 am
Sunday, July 25                                              7:00 am—5:00 pm

If you do not have a Preview Night membership, you can still pick up your badge early on Wednesday. Our satellite registration location will be held at the California section of the Atlas Ballroom at the Town & Country Hotel Convention Center. You can pick up your Full Member or Thursday badge here on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, whether or not you have a Preview Night membership. Preview night members are welcome to pick up their badges here too.

This is the ONLY location for non Preview Night attendees to pick up their badge early. You can take the Comic-Con shuttle to the Town & Country; however, you will need to have a Shuttle Pass.

Please note that Shuttle Passes are available ONLY when booking online with official Comic-Con hotels. Shuttle Passes will be available at the front desk upon check in. One pass for each person listed on reservation.

For the first time Comic-Con will have attendee registration in Mission Valley. Making it even more convenient for everyone staying in Mission Valley Hotels. Attendees only, with or without Preview Night, will be able to pick up their badge at the Town & Country Hotel Convention Center facility on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning before heading downtown to Comic-Con

Note, the Town & Country Convention Center is a convenient stop on the Mission Valley shuttle routes on Wednesday and Thursday.

Town & Country Badge Pick Up Hours:
(Only Attendee Badge Pick Up is available at the Town & Country. No Professional, Program Participant, Exhibitor, Preview Night or Press Registration at this location)

Wednesday, July 21                3:00 pm—8:30 pm
Thursday, July 22                     8:30 am—12:00 noon


Wednesday, July 21                3:00 pm— 8:30 pm*
Thursday, July 22                    8:30am — 6:00pm
Friday, July 23                        8:30am — 6:00pm
Saturday, July 24                    8:30am — 6:00pm
Sunday, July 25                      8:30am — 4:00pm

4 thoughts on “Parking, bags, and early badge pick up

  1. Thanks for the helpful info. This will be my first time at Comic Con, and one of my son’s that is going with me will be in a wheel chair. Is there anyway to pick up badges early for Sunday the 25 th?? I purchased our tickets from the Comic Con’ site and it says the print out IS the ticket.

    • Welcome to the CON! I am so excited that you are going for the first time. It will be a great experience for your family. The folks at Comic Con are pretty strict about early pick up. I would bet they say no. But, because he has special needs, they will hopefully allow for quicker access since the lines go through the stairs route. Either way, get there early so not to get stuck waiting too long. Make sure to read my top 10 tips post:

      Thanks and let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Hi there, thanks for the useful information. Will I be able to pick up my tickets for only Friday early today(Thursday) or later in the day, or do I have to pick them up on Friday?

    Thanks again.

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