Video game line up

For those that missed E3, Comic-Con may prove to be a mini-E3, and give attendants a chance to get a taste of some big upcoming games and MMOs. This is the current list of games and game companies to make an appearance at the show this year:

1. Activision
2. Electronic Arts
3. Disney
4. Ubisoft
5. NCSoft (for Aion, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2)
6. THQ (for Warhammer 40k Online)
7. Capcom
8. Hudson Entertainment
9. Konami
10. Microsoft
11. Nintendo
12. NIS America
13. SCEA
14. SOE (for The Agency)
15. Square Enix, Inc. (For Final Fantasy XIV)
16. Telltale Games

That’s just a rough look at the video games alone, and with a little less than a month for more announcements to be made for Comic-Con, there’s room for many more games. With so much being put into the latest games and technology plus movies, toys, anime, etc., it begs one question:

Where are the comics?

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