The toys from 2009

Here are some of my pics from Comic Con 09. This time, I wanted to focus on the plethora of wonderful toys, models, and displays on the main exhibition floor. There is so much that it could literally take you days to see it all.

Batman BatPod

Bumble ElectricChair

BatWingGI Joe


Jedi Superman

Castle lifecycle

Tron1 Tron2

Comic Con was awesome this year, it did not disappoint. Crazy displays, great panels, and an overall euphoric experience. However, it’s not without its negatives though; the crowds are ridiculous causing long waits in lines, the convention center food is horrendous, and the Con is getting a little too predictable. The format never changes and the overall experience is the same year after year, just new movies and toys to display. I think they could stand some new creativity in a few areas. The Tron (off site) experience really set this Con apart from the rest and my hope is that they will continue to experiment with new formats. Going as Babbler also gave us  new perspective on the Con as a reporter as well as attendee. We will be posting a podcast soon that captures our overall experience. This is my fifth year to go- and I loved it. Already looking forward to CC 2010!

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